Arp Axxe Samples

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The Arp Axxe is a monophonic analog synthesizer. The Axxe has a 37 key standard action keyboard. It has a single voltage controlled oscillator with a frequency range of 16Hz to 16KHz. Available waveforms are: sawtooth, square, pulse, and dynamic pulse. There is a pink noise generator with a range of 20Hz to 20KHz. The voltage controlled filter has a range of 16Hz to 16Khz. The LFO has a sine and square wave with a frequency of 0.2Hz to 20Hz. The envelope generator is a standard ADSR. The Axxe has a sample and hold function, a pitch bend control, a transpose switch, and a portamento. There is also a gate in/out as well as a trigger in/out. The Axxe was first released in 1975 by
Arp Instruments Incorporated of USA.