Future Retro 777

MONOPHONIC Analog Synthesizer

         The Access Virus Rack is an Analog Modeling synthesizer with 2 oscillators and one sub-oscillator. This unit has 16 voices that are dynamically allocated to the 16 multi-timbral parts. The Virus Rack has 512 presets divided into 4 banks: A & B (User Editable) and C & D (these reside in the Flash-Ram). Software version 2.2 adds an additional 512 presets by replacing the demo song included in the original software version. There is also a noise generator, ring modulator, two multi-mode filters, two envelopes, a stereo VCA, and a saturation stage for cascade filtering, tube, and distortion effects. Other effects include chorus, flange, analog bass boost, reverb, and midi-synced digital delay. The Virus Rack also includes a 32 band vocoder. Two external inputs allow processing of external devices through the filters, gates and lo-fi effects. External audio sources can also be used to modulate frequency and ring modulation. This unit was first released in 2001, two years after the release of the Virus B, by Access Music of Germany. 

Future Retro 777 Samples

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Input Internal Output
Octaves: None Synthesis: True Analog Midi: In / Out / Thru
Pressure Sensitive: Midi Oscillators: 2 ( +1 Sub) Stereo Out: Pair 1/4"
After-touch: Midi Voices: 16 Additional Outs:  2 Pair 1/4"
Pitch Bend: Midi Mod Matrix: No Phones: Yes
Mod Wheel: Midi Filter: 24db Digital out: No
Pedals: Sustain/Patch Change LFO: Synced USB/SCSI: No/No
Ribbon: No Arpeggiator: Yes Multi-Timbral: No
External In: Yes Sequencer: No Power: Plug-In Cord
Memory Configuration: Banks A-G (8) x Presets 1-128 = 1024
Expansion: None
Effects: Reverb, Midi Synced Delay, Analog Boost, Flange, Phase, Distortion
Versions: Keyboard: None   Rack: None   Desktop: Shown
Current Ebay Value:  Condition:  Good - $700 - $900 - Excellent
Manufacturers Website: www.access.com